9 Reasons Why Managed IT Services Are Better for Your Business

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Running a business is challenging, and technology issues can make it even more daunting.

When you’re knee-deep in operational hassles, the last thing you want is to deal with a server failure or a cyber-attack. According to a report by IBM, the average data breach cost for businesses is $4.45 million.

It’s clear that such problems not only cost you money but also divert your focus from the core aspects of your business.

That’s where managed services come into the picture. They can take over the technology challenges, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

As Christian Hernandez, CEO of JCM Telecom, says, “Opting for managed services is equal to opting for peace of mind.”

In this blog, we’ll go through the compelling reasons why managed services are an indispensable part of a successful business strategy.


Understanding Managed Services Importance

If the questions of why managed IT services for your business or why managed services providers are running through your head, then you’re at the right place.

Managed services go beyond simply maintaining your IT infrastructure; they serve as an extension of your own team. In an era where IT is central to operations, the value of a managed service provider cannot be overstated.

Below are a few reasons that underline the managed services importance:

  • Seamless Technology Integration: Integrating new technologies can be a headache for businesses, especially those without specialized IT departments. Managed services can ease this transition by identifying the right technologies that align with your business.
  • Better Risk Management: Given their expertise, managed services can identify potential risks and address them before they escalate into significant issues. This level of foresight is invaluable in avoiding disruptions and safeguarding your business assets.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With optimized IT operations, not only does your internal team benefit but so do your customers. Better systems mean better customer experiences, which is key to gaining and retaining clientele.

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Traditional IT Services vs Managed IT Services

Parameter Traditional IT Services Managed IT Services
Cost Model Variable, based on break-fix Fixed monthly fee
Expertise Generalized, in-house staff Specialized, wide range of expertise
Resource Allocation Diverted to IT maintenance Focused on core business
Business Continuity Reactive, risk of downtime Proactive, minimal downtime
Technology Integration Manual, time-consuming Seamless, efficient
Customer Support Limited by in-house capabilities Rapid response, 24/7 availability
Strategic Planning Rarely involved Long-term IT strategy involvement
Risk Management Ad hoc, reactive Systematic, proactive
Compliance and Security May lack specialization Regular updates, specialized security measures


Why Use Managed IT Services

1. Cost Savings

One of the primary IT managed services value propositions is cost savings. According to a study by CompTIA, 46% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs by 25%.

Managed IT services operate on a subscription-based model. You pay a set fee and receive a plethora of services in return. This eliminates the capital expenditures associated with setting up an in-house IT department. You can redirect these funds toward growing your core business.


2. Proactive Monitoring

IT Process Institute’s Visible Ops Handbook reports that 80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators (“operations staff”) or developers

Managed service providers do not just wait for something to go wrong. They engage in proactive monitoring to detect issues before they turn into major problems. This ensures business continuity with minimal downtime.


3. Expert Support

The managed services importance is also evident in the expertise they bring to the table. These services often have a team of experts proficient in various aspects of IT, from cloud computing to network monitoring.

This level of expertise is usually difficult for a business owner to achieve with an internal team, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises.

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4. Allows Focus on Core Business

Why use managed IT services? Because they free you from the time-consuming task of managing your IT infrastructure.

Your internal team can focus on strategic, day-to-day tasks that directly contribute to your business growth. This is crucial for the long term, especially when you need to adapt to market changes swiftly.


5. Scalability

As your business grows, so do your IT requirements. Managed IT services offer the flexibility to scale up or down according to your business needs. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have seasonal fluctuations.


6. Comprehensive Support Services

Working with an MSP (Managed Service Provider) gives you access to a wide range of support services. From routine maintenance to emergency response, MSPs cover it all. This is a significant benefit of managed services, as it offers a one-stop solution for all your IT needs.


7. Security and Compliance

Data breaches and non-compliance with industry regulations can cause significant financial and reputational damage. Managed services value lies in their ability to recover your network against external threats and ensure you comply with legal requirements.

Managed IT Services Are Better

Source: CompTIA


8. Strategic Input

Managed IT services can also assist in long-term IT strategy formulation. They offer valuable insights into leveraging technology to achieve business objectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your IT operations.


9. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The managed services model includes robust plans for business continuity and disaster recovery. This ensures your data is secure and your business can continue functioning even in adverse situations.


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Advantages of Managed Services for Business Success

From cost savings to expertise and scalability, the reasons for integrating managed services into your business strategy are abundant. They not only streamline day-to-day tasks but also enable a proactive approach toward challenges, thereby contributing positively to your bottom line.


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  • Rapid Response: With an average response time of under 5 minutes and 95% of service tickets resolved within 24 hours, we prioritize your business continuity.
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Choosing JCM Telecom for your managed services needs ensures not just technological expertise but also a partnership committed to your business’s growth and efficiency.

So, as a business owner, the question isn’t just why managed services, but why not choose a trusted partner like JCM Telecom to help you navigate the complexities of modern IT needs?

For more information regarding our managed IT services and the advantages they can bring to your business, contact us today for more information.