Phone System

JCM Telecom takes full advantage of the SIP network architecture to deliver a comprehensive set of class 5 and IP-Centrex calling features in a format that is flexible, efficient and future friendly.
Rest assured that your platform is future proof-as technology and markets continue to envolve, new features will be added as application servers that are managed by the platforms robust SIP session controls stack.
We know that communication and collaboration are central to the success of any business, that’s why we offer UCaaS, (Unified Communications as a Service) complete with video conferencing, online, meetings, and enterprise messaging.


Get a fully built a CRM where you can check call history, check your voice emails, listen to all your recorded conversations and some much more.


Get unlimited inbound and outbound faxes. You can no easily send large documents and share files that would otherwise be to large to email. HIPPA compliant availability.